Monday, April 4, 2016

Here at Teamspirit, the communications agency specialising in financial and professional services, we are often tasked with campaigns targeting consumers over 50. In fact, this is a vital audience for our clients, especially in the light of a fast-changing and increasingly crowded and competitive landscape for pensions, investments and savings. But, we asked ourselves, did we really understand this audience or were we making the same assumptions, and perhaps arriving at the same misconceptions, as everybody else? Surely, we thought, given the profound social, economic and technological change this audience has experienced in just a few years, there are new truths to discover. To that end, we decided to find out more about the over 50s and in the process, attended some exceptional events, particularly the Age of No Retirement conference in Manchester, met some inspirational people, uncovered some surprising data and learned some fascinating stories and insights. These have dramatically changed our understanding and, most importantly, have transformed the way we help our clients engage with this audience. With strategies and creative campaigns that position our clients as champions and pioneers of this new landscape, together, we can break down barriers, champion best practice and most importantly, create great work that works.

Who you calling old?